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Fill In The Missing Pages Contest

Catriona McPherson's Quiet Neighbors had a glitch in printing. With her permission we will try to write her missing pages.

Submit all entries at our February meeting. Use standard manuscript rules with a maximum of 2000 words. Have fun!

Wearing a cheap black suit and new shoes which have worn blisters on her feet, Jude flees London in a panic. Recalling a pleasant face from a vacation to Scotland's Book Town, she decides to return to the last place she felt comfortable.

After four days of travel, Jude reaches the Lowland Glen Bookshop, exhausted, and ready to collapse. Lowell, the friendly face she remembered, insists she take his house key and get some rest.

She accepts the key and falls asleep on his bed.

Last page before the gap.

Birdsong awoke her.....The first thing she saw was her wallet on the bedside table. Then looking past it, she glimpsed Lowell Glen sitting in the arm chair, its load of clothes dumped in a heap at his side. His legs were stretched out in front of him and crossed at the ankles----he still had his shoes on----and his arms were folded over his front. His head had dropped

Pages 41-56 missing:  Based on this brief summary and short quote, supply the missing pages.

Hint #1 Jude loves books and works in a library.

Hint #2 Lowell's bookshop needs somebody to catalog books.

Missing Pages Contest Rules

Contest open to all members of Village Writers' Club.

Do not read Quiet Neighbors before you enter the contest. Catriona McPherson has written a complex mystery, so don't try to resolve all unknowns in your response.

You have been given many clues in the brief summary of the first forty pages and in the quote just before the printing goof.

 Use your logic and creativity to write what happens next. This is a mere five pages of a five-hundred-page mystery. Keep all given facts in mind. 2000 Maximum words.

Follow standard manuscript format contest rules. Use a cover sheet for identification. Include your name, address, e-mail address and phone number. Do not use identification on the actual manuscript.

Bring a hard copy of your entry to the February meeting. No entries accepted late.

Have fun!

Marlene Kloack

RE/MAX OF HSV Ambassador Program
Call for Poetry Submissions

RE/MAX of HSV is creating videos promoting Hot Springs Village. They would like to include a short poem in each video and want to involve Village Writers’ Club poets. This project is part of a new RE/MAX of HSV Ambassador Program.
This program is limited to Village Writers’ Club (VWC) poets. All interested VWC poets should submit poems on the topics listed below to Dannet Botkin at by the stated deadlines.

Selected poems will be published in the video with credit to the poet, and that poet will be able to share this on his/her website and social media. What a fantastic opportunity for our poets!
Deadlines for short poem entries are:
  • How Great It Is To Live in Hot Springs Village - deadline July 15
  • Fall Beauty in Hot Springs Village - deadline August 15
  • Golfing & Living in Hot Springs Village - deadline January 15, 2017
  • Trails & Living in Hot Springs Village - deadline February 15, 2017
  • Lakes & Living in Hot Springs Village - deadline March 15, 2017
  • Club Sports – Tennis, Pickleball, Bocce Ball etc. - deadline April 15, 2017
  • Possibly one about the Ouachita Mountain Region - deadline May 15, 2017
Submit your poetry as a Word document to Dannet Botkin at Include your full name, email address, phone number, website (if you have one), and the name of your poem.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Lou Moran at 501-226-9197 or Dannet Botkin at 501-209-2806.
Let’s get writing!